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Service Provider for Film, VIDEO & TV as well as INDUSTRIE & EVENTS


LiveU - ENG Crews - Studios - TV Services from Dortmund - info@videoline.de

  • up to 5 additional ENG Crews
  • XDCAM HD422 / SxS
  • PDW 700 – PMW 500
  • PXW-FX9 – FX6 – FS7 MK2
  • 4K – 1080i 50/60 – PAL/NTSC
  • up to 10 LiveU units
  • rent full LiveU Camera Crews
  • LiveU Playout Services
  • alternative H264 SD card recorder for fast uploads
  • 5G  4G  satellite internet
  • mobile Live Studio Services
  • flightcase direction units
  • for talks, guests, presenter
  • up to 5 live cameras
  • broadcast f.e. via LiveU

Hire a professional Cameracrew for TV & Corporate Video in Germany

Video-Line TV & Camera Crew Germany


Video-Line is a TV production company and live services provider,
based with its headquarter in Dortmund, the well known town of football (Borussia Dortmund BVB 09) and beer (long brewery tradition) in the nice state region of Nordrhein-Westfalen (Northrine-Westphalia),
in the middle-west region of Germany (only 90 km away from Cologne).

Also, Video-Line has a second office in northern germany for events and productions f.e. in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.

The company is specialized in TV and movie Productions with ENG Crews, Live Studios, LiveU Switchings and lots of other TV Facilities for international clients inside whole germany and even outside at its european neighbour countries.

If you need help for a production or if you have any questions, feel free to phone or write us:

mobile phone: +49 172 5955177
e-mail: info@videoline.de

Company address: Video-Line TV Markus Wuellner, Dresdener Str. 5, 44139 Dortmund / Germany.
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ENG Crews in Germany

International Camera Crew in Germany


Our ENG Crews are your perfect partner – and even very good company, not only for producing tv stories, interviews, sportive or cultural events.

With camera types up to international 4K and High Definition formats, we can support stations around the world without making any compromises in points of quality.

Our supporting equipment tools are wireless audio solutions, audio mixers, stand-up and mobile light and a lot of other production tools.

  • PXW-FX9 / FX6 / FS7 MK2
  • 4K and MPEG HD 422
  • XQD Card(s)
  • able to copy on location
    f.e. to USB memory etc.
  • PDW-700 / 800 / 680
  • XDCAM HD 422
  • record XDCAM-„Optical Disc“
    for take away, as alternative:
  • PXW-500 SXS memory cards
  • HPX-371 P2 memomry cards
  • PXW-X70 / alpha 7 s / AX33 / GoPro
  • up to 4K / MP4 / XAVC S / AVCHD
  • SD memory cards
  • able top copy on location
    f.e. to USB memory etc.


Broadcasting and switching live for you from Germany and EU

LiveU Uplink Back Pack’s and Studios

  • up to 10 LiveU units
  • 5G and 4G different mobile networks
  • Satellite internet (on request),
    f.e. for crowded our far wide out places
  • IFB in-ear systems by LiveU-internal IFB channel or additionally by mobile phone
  • Live Switching Studios for guests
  • LiveU receiving servers
  • Cloud Directions Suites for mixing different
    LiveU (and other) channels down to one
    Master Programme Feed or to produce
    live shows

Whole ENG Crews incl. mobile Editing and LiveU

Live Broadcast Services and Gateways

From LiveU to SNG Satellite Uplink , importing Switching Rooms or IP / Livestream Encoding


LiveU Broadcasting and Receiving

Gateway between different LiveU products and versions

Satellite Uplink SNG Broadcasting Services Satellite News Gathering

Access to Germany's Major Switching Rooms ARD Stern "Star" Frankfurt, ZDF Mainz and its international Studios

Live Gateways and link systems to internal networks and fiber lines of different stations (f.e. HybNet)

Internet Live Stream Encoding, RTMP, FTP Upload, Aspera etc.

Mobile Editing solutions and Editing Suites with Studio and LIVE Broadcasting Services


With our mobile view, playout and editing solutions you are just in time on every production. We are able to select or cut the most important pictures of your television news story directly at the location or, if it would be necessary, on the driving way to the next shooting location in our VW Bus Multivan T6.


  • Mobile Workstation Laptops with Adobe Premiere CC
  • Mobile XDCAM HD 422 Media Stations incl SxS  PDW – HR1
  • Mobile P2 HD Editor  AJ – HPM 110


  • LiveU Broadcast / Transfer of edited or rough footage


Flightcase Directions Units

Our mobile live studio solutions are your perfect company for live television and internet broadcast out of germany or our EU beighbours:

Mobile Live Studios and Flightcase Directions Units with Live HD Cameras for


  • Live Shows
  • Elections, Politics, Correspondance
  • Party Conferences
  • Company’s Annual General Meetings
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Concerts and Sports


  • up to 15 Live HD Cameras
  • up to 30 different Live Sources
  • up to 6 M/E layers
  • several locations
  • up to 10 live directions units
  • LiveU Broadcasting
  • RTMP and Internet Live Streaming


We are always available for your questions !

Shortly: We offer full television, media and video services, all in one hand - with a good network to a lot of professional partners ! Please contact us and ask for details ( info@videoline.de , +49 172 5955177 )