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Hire a professional Cameracrew for TV & Corporate Video in Germany

Video-Line TV & Camera Crew Germany

Video-Line is a TV Production Company,
based in Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Northrine-Westphalia),
the middle-west region of Germany (near Cologne).

The company is specialized in TV Productions with ENG Crews and other TV Facilities
inside whole germany and outside at its european neighbours for international Television clients,
for example TV Stations.

Especially for this service, Video-Line supports different languages by native speakers in the crew.

If you need help for a production or if you have any questions, feel free to phone or write us:

mobile phone: +49 172 5955177 , office: +49 231 9128650.
e-mail: info@videoline.de

Company address: Video-Line c/o Markus Wuellner, Dresdener Str.5, 44139 Dortmund / Germany.
(If you want to take a look to the imprint, look for the german word “ impressum „, seen above on this site.)

ENG Crews



Our ENG Crews are your perfect partner – and even very good company,
not only for producing tv stories, interviews, sportive or cultural events.

With camera types up to the newest international High Definition formats, we are able
to support stations around the world without making any compromises in points of quality.
Our supporting equipment tools are wireless audio solutions, audio mixers,
stand-up and mobile light and a lot of other units.

Production Format Examples

High Definition (HD), most of them support even NTSC frequences (ask for details):

  • XDCAM HD422 (4:2:2), 1080 / 720 , XDCAM HD 1080 (MPEG HD on Optical Disc)
  • P2 HD AVC-Intra100 (4:2:2), 1080 / 720 , AVC-Intra50, DVCPRO HD (on P2 Cards or f.e. on USB-Sticks),
  • HDV (on tape, hard disk or Compact Flash-Card) 1080

Standard Definition (SD), some of them support even NTSC frequences (ask for details):

  • Digital Betacam 16:9 / 4:3
  • Betacam SX 16:9 / 4:3
  • XDCAM (MPEG IMX/DVCAM on Optical XDCAM-Disc) 16:9 / 4:3
  • DVCPRO50/25, DV on P2-Cards (or transfered to other devices) 16:9 / 4:3
  • DVCPRO25 on Tape 16:9 / 4:3
  • DV / DVCAM (on tape, hard disk or CF-Card) 16:9 / 4:3
  • older and other formats and international TV-Formats on request 16:9 / 4:3

Mobile Editing solutions and Editing Suites with Studio and LIVE Broadcasting Services

With our mobile editing solutions you are just in time on every production. We are able to cut your television news story directly at the location of the news or, if it is necessary, on the driving way back to the next station for the playout. If you like it more comfortable, we can offer you a mobile editing truck, f.e. based on a VW Bus T5, with non-linear systems (Avid Xpress or Adobe Premiere) or a linear editing suite. Otherwise we have editing suites located in Dortmund with NLE Systems (Avid Xpress or Adobe Premiere) or linear machine-editing, supporting a lot of the formats, listed above.

There we have even a little TV Conference Studio, connected to different TV-Networks, like listed above, for transmitting your stories and pictures up to different stations all over the world.

And we offer a lot of services more !

For example we offer equipment services including a mobile live editing unit
for live productions with multiple cameras at events like theater programs
or concerts. Also we are able to support your company presentation or
we do the full production of your company movie like an imagefilm
or businnes tv. Also we produce television-like programs at exhibitions
and other events including Web-TV for the World Wide Web Internet
on demand or via live streaming up to 10.000 visitors (more on request).

We are always available for your questions !

Shortly: We offer full television, media and video services, all in one hand - with a good network to a lot of professional partners ! Please contact us and ask for details (see phone numbers and address above on this page).